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{September 30, 2010}   An excellent porn site!

{September 30, 2010}   DIVERSITY IS DIVINE

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{September 30, 2010}   No, you’re not going to hell!

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{September 30, 2010}   Improve you sex life!

listen to, then perform, sexually, to the song, Sex is what a good meal should be (that’s delicious & nutritious), and let me know how it went. Just go to

{January 29, 2010}   Awesome Sex Site!  Really freaky. Wow!

Sex is what a good meal should be, by Johnnie Newkirk Jr. @,,,,

{January 29, 2010}   Popular Sex Site!  Go and check it out. It’s pretty cool!

{August 14, 2009}   Should a woman ever be broke?

A pimp once told me that anyone with a split, should never be broke. This is his opinion not mine. He also stated that any man that’s good looking and willing to do what he has to do should, also, never be broke. His reasoning is that if you are a woman, there will always be some man out there that will be willing to pay for your favors. And if you are a good looking guy there will, also, be some woman or man that will be willing to pay for your favors as well.



Johnnie Newkirk Jr.

{July 18, 2009}   Viagra

What a rush! What a push! What a relief!

{July 18, 2009}   Gay porn sites #2

Enjoy yourself some more!

{July 18, 2009}   Gay porn/social sites #1

Enjoy yourself.,

The rate of hiv infections are on the increase, especially among – african americans and hispanics men, and women.  Do you know anyone who is hiv positive? Do you know how they contracted the virus, or do you have an idea on  how they may have contracted the virus?

Johnnie Newkirk Jr.

Think real hard then answer this question: What was the longest orgasm that you have ever experiences, and with whom? Moreover, have you come even close to reaching that level again.?

It’s Anatomical & Psychological: Before I begin, I know that I am going to tick off a lot of women and gays. Believe me this is not my intention. I am just trying to address an old issue, and present it from a different view point. the issue is: When men sleep around, they’re considered “Men.” However, when women sleep around, they’re considered “Sluts.” Why?

My theory is this: Men, by their anatomical make up, are the ones- sexually, that are dong the giving and women, as well as gays, usually, are the ones that are on the receiving end. The men are the ones that are, usually, doing the penetrating. Moreover, women and gays are the ones in receipt of that which is ejaculated by the men. The men emits/ejects, and, the women and gays, accepts/receives. It’s just that simple. Because of the way that men are built, they are doing the emitting, and, not the receiving. This, of course, pertains to heterosexual men.The men are the givers, and the women are the receivers.

Even during oral-sex, the men are the ones emitting and the women and gays are the ones, usually, receiving the men’s, emitted, by-product, or waste. The same, scenario, holds true with regards to anal-sex. The men are, generally, doing the penetrating and emitting; whereas, the women and gays, in most cases, are the ones being penetrated, and the ones that are in receipt of the men’s sperm. In essence: the men are the dominate factor, and women and gays, are the passive factor, despite the sexual act.

I am not, will not, and would never pass judgment on anyone. I, nor anyone else, should. However, to put it bluntly: women and gays are viewed, by most men, as nothing, but, receptacles for men’s waste.This is why lesbians are viewed differently, and not as harshly by men and society. They don’t fit into that, general, mold due too their anatomical make up. Unless it’s with the use of a sexual toy, or the use of their fingers, lesbians don’t get penetrated by men, and, therefore, are not receptacles for their emitted by-product, or waste. Men see lesbians as just girls having, harmless, fun with each other. They are not perceived as being dirty or disgusting: after all, what can they really do with each other? Furthermore, lesbians don’t pose a threat to men’s “ego,” as women and gays do.

Even though it’s 2006, men still have a problem with accepting women as their equal counterparts. Men are tolerating the situation, because, they have no other choice, or very few options. This is why in the bedroom, men must feel that they’re superior, dominate and in total control. And, fortunately for them, physiology is on their side. Women may control the board room, but not the bedroom. Men truly, and sincerely, believe that they are physically, psychologically, emotionally and intellectually superior to women. And they view gays in the same light as they view women. It’s unfair, but life often is. It’s more of an anatomical and psychology thing. For logic has very little, or nothing. to do with it.

by Mr. Johnnie Newkirk

Do you prefer your mate to be cut or uncut. Do you like your man with skin or no skin.

Statistics are showing that the more one drinks, the more likely one is to engage

in unsafe and unprotected sex. Therefore, leading to a higher risk of contracting

the hiv virus and a other stds. Drinking and driving don’t mix. Drinking and

sex don’t mix. Please, don’t do either. You may not live long enough to regret



Johnnie Newkirk Jr.

{December 8, 2008}   What won’t you do sexually?

If you was asked to do something really kinky by the one you love, and you really are not into it. would you do it? And by not doing it, it may jeopardize your relationship. Where would you draw the line?

{November 27, 2008}   Sex Appeal At It’s Best!

See some of the sexiest people alive @ Hit me back with the sexiest man or woman, or both.

{November 9, 2008}   I AM A SEX ADDICT

Addiction: Most of us suffer from some sort of addiction. We are either un-aware of it or just refuse to concede to it. I am an addict. Sex is my addiction. I am, have always been, and most likely will always be addicted to sex. Sex is my oxygen. Sex is my food. Sex is my life. It is what I live for and it’s what I love to engage in. I love to receive pleasure, and I love to give pleasure. Heterosexual sex is my preference. But if I’m in the mood and I usually am, any consenting adult will suffice. When I’m engaging in sex with a guy, I derive only sexual gratification. When I engage in sex with a girl, I derive not only sexual gratification but psychological satisfaction as well. However, when I engage in sex with a girl that I have deep feelings for I derive sexual gratification, psychological satisfaction, and an emotional high. These are the rules that I live by believe it or not; and that includes being always upfront and honest. I insist that all parties involved engage in safe and protective sex. And I will never, ever marry because of my addiction. That wouldn’t be fair to either party. Make no mistake. I am happy with my lifestyle and wouldn’t change it for the world. I have engaged in every type of sex you can come up with and have enjoyed myself immensely. And with an addiction such as this, one should never commit. So keep your judgments, your labels, and your psychoanalysis to yourself. I am me. I am happy. I am free.

From the book, Real love. Real issues. Real solutions, by Johnnie Newkirk Jr.

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